FIFA World Cup 2018: A Roller Coaster ride

FIFA World Cup, an event, which every one in this planet looks forward to watch, irrespective of whether you are a football enthusiast or not. And this year’s edition is a revolutionary in nature. Even before the start of the event, there was news all over the world, when two well known teams i.e. Italy and Netherlands, did not qualify for the world cup.

Italy, four times world cup champions, for the first time missed to qualify for world cup, in over half a century. Whereas 2010 finalist, Netherlands, also missed to qualify after, missing to score seven goals against their match against Sweden.

Even post commencement, the event continued its surprise element and stunned the world, in the group stages, when Germany, defending Champions, trashed out of World Cup in group stages. The 2014 World Champions, were shocked and awe when they were defeated by South Korea, in the final group stage match.

Post Group Stages, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Denmark were not able to qualify for quarter finals, thereby rejecting the predictions of many well known experts. The match of Belgium vs Japan, could be consider as one of the highlights of this year’s edition, whereby, no one was in a position to predict that Japan who were leading 2-0 till 68 minutes, would face 3-2 defeat against the iron will Belgium.

Just like a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, no one would have predicted Brazil, the five times world cup champions and favorites for this year’s edition, would be defeated by a sheer clinical and close to perfect Belgium Team. Croatia, on the other hand is writing a new script in this edition, by defeating the strongest contenders and reaching Semi finals in almost heroic manner. Besides the dark horses, Teams like England and France have also their share of Joy. England fans, were given their team’s first world cup penalty shootout win. Whereas, France, gave heartbreak to Messi Fans by Trashing Argentina out of the World Cup and clinically defeating Uruguay to reach semis.

So, unlike many previous editions, this year’s world cup, has given us a trailer of New Era, an era of new heroes, an era of numerous possibilities and an era ending the dominance of South American Teams in World Cup.

4 match remains to be played to decide who will be the new Champions. France – Belgium and Croatia – England will fight each other on 10th and 11th July 2018 respectively, giving them a chance to fight for the Finals.

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